Beginning Of A Journey

As a kid, Elton loved exploring the rural backcountry of New Zealand on motorbikes with his friends. On the back of a motorbike, he discovered the invigorating feeling of freedom, danger, vulnerability and happiness. He was forever hooked.

Once he moved to the US and settled down into “adulting”, he craved for those childhood feelings of freedom and excitement. In 2009, he negotiated the purchase of a BMW GS800 Adventure bike with the agreement to bring a baby in the family. Slightly counter-intuitive for some, but a fitting arrangement for Elton & Chrissy. Elton soon added a KTM 350XCFW dirt bike to the mix and included his oldest son, Divin at 4 years old putting him on a Yamaha TTR50. The love of the motorbike is clearly genetic!

Elton’s wife and business partner of Elton R Construction, Chrissy drove by 1722 Arapahoe and fell in love with the old stone Land Rover mechanic shop.  When the building came up for sale, Chrissy immediately wanted to buy it and make it the offices for their construction company. Elton had a way more fun and exciting idea. A Moto Club and mechanic shop! Chrissy also fell in love with the idea . . . here’s to the next adventure to the road.

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