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Our Story

I was brought up in New Zealand working construction with my dad and brother. I still remember the relationships we had with different people. You knew your mechanic and hardware store guys' names. You would not just call your hardware store, you would be calling your friend who worked at the hardware store. All those little relationships have been lost a bit in todays world.

We purchased this building---this old building---and that was so cool. There were other people looking at the building who would have knocked it down and turned it into a sixplex of apartments (that is part of today's world). But that is not what I saw in the building. I saw a community space. A space that embraces the opposite of our confined society. That’s where the motorcycles came into mind.

I still remember learning to ride a motorbike when I was a kid on a family friend's farm in Blenheim, NZ. We were city kids, but we had friends who had farms and land. What kid who rides does not remember that first time? That first feeling of wind on your face. That taste of freedom. The exposure. Riding the line of risk and speed. Rebel thoughts.

We have opened a Motorcycle repair shop based on these old school ways of working. Offering good service in a personal way. A place where you can come in, you know who is working on your bike and what they are doing. It's not the big box model of talking with the service manager (who in some cases do not even ride). We are bringing together this community of people who ride and we're giving them a place to talk about their adventures big and small. It might be just riding your bike on a Sunday to the shops, it might be planing and riding to Alaska---or something much larger. It does not matter. You are either a motorcycle rider, or you want to be! We need more community and freedom thinking in our lives.