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More Than A Repair Shop

The Moto Club side of Sidney's is a group of like-minded, adventure-seeking people coming together to share adventures, knowledge two-wheeled mechanical focus. 

Members will have access to a full-service Motorbike mechanic shop as well as a lounge/ clubhouse space. 

The mechanical shop is staffed with skilled mechanics Or you can work on your own stuff with friends as a DIY mechanic. 
Goals of Sidney's Moto Club: 

  •  To pull members together to share experiences and expertise

  •  To build a group of people to hold each other accountable to a higher standard of core principals around life adventures 

  •  To inspire each other with skills and drive 

  •  To hold each other to a level of fitness and lifestyle to keep us in “Adventure ready” shape for years to come; mechanically, physically and well being 

  •  To be surrounded by great people doing great things 

You do not need a bike to be a member. 

We chose to focus on the bike as a symbol of pure freedom. That feeling you get when you ride out of town with just a tent and sleeping bag or just a credit card.  We all need that feeling of freedom or we shrink. 

It is time to look forward to adventures large and small with a community around us to make sure we get out and explore.  

Life is full of easy excuses; Family, Work, Mechanical issues, Not in shape, Time . . . let's work together to remove those excuses.

The club will be the launch pad for all sorts of adventures, two-wheeled and more. 

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